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Congenomics LLC is a consulting company providing services in bioinformatics, cheminformatics, and high performance computing. If you are interested in our services, please contact us by email.

Open Source Software

Congenomics LLC provides three open source programs; Bio::FdrFet, Congen, and SEEBUGS.

Bio::FdrFet is a Perl module for Gene Set Enrichment Analysis developed by Ruiru Ji, Karl-Heinz Ott, Roumyana Yordanova, and Robert E Bruccoleri. It uses the Fisher Exact Test to evaluate sets of disregulated genes in a pathway while scanning over different possible False Discovery Rates (FDR) looking for the FDR cutoff that yields the highest significance for a pathway. The module also contains an executable script along with a preprint of a paper on the method.

CONGEN is a general purpose molecular modeling program, which is especially designed to search the conformational space of loops and predict their structure. It is well suited for comparative modeling building as well as binding energy calculations. Please see the copyright notice page to get to the FTP site. A PDF version of the manual is also available.

SEEBUGS (Software for the Examination, Exploration, and Broad Understanding of Genome Sequences) is a more recent effort to develop a tool for finding similar sequences across genomes. It is an exceptionally powerful tool for identifying essential genes in microbes. A paper describing SEEBUGS has appeared in Nucleic Acids Research 26, 4482-4486. The source code and database files can be obtained from by contacting the author.

These programs are provided without any warranty or support.

Congenomics made a presentation at the 2011 BioIT World workshop on Next Generation Sequencing: From Data to Discovery - "I Have My Data, Now What?".

If you have any questions, please contact us by email.
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